About Us

Coins TV is one of the latest ventures backed by Krypton Capital, which has partnered up with several prominent ICOs and startups in the past in order to create a thriving ecosystem. The TV Channel will be broadcasting 24 hours a day and its program is designed to meet the needs and interest of English speaking audience all over the world.

Given how initial coin offerings have gained popularity and increased the need for investors to be well informed, Coins TV also has plans for dedicated ICO programs, such as ICOs of the Day and expert reviews aimed at highlighting the top emerging projects in the space.

Coins TV is among first specialized TV channel for English speaking audience, broadcasting specialized content. All shows are covering specific interests and needs of audience, interested in cryptocurrencies and block chain.

Coins TV will be offering a range of subjects and genres, scheduled according to the profile of the audience and according to the specific timeslots when the different groups are available to watch it.

Coins TV also will be offering its audience coverage on main events, conferences, ICO’s, news and people having impact on the industry. Different strategies will be presented and discussed.

Coins TV will be offering also educational videos about world of cryptocurrencies, trade and technology.

The program of the channel is scheduled in a way that will be covering different markets need and interests of cryptocurrencies fans.

Coins TV will be broadcasting 24 hours per day and will be covering English speaking audience all over the worldover the world.

The TV will start broadcast with following shows

ICO of the Day

Blockchain Markets Overview

Meet the CEO

Conference Journal

Crypto Academy



As a premier broadcast media in the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry, CoinsTV has engaged in sponsor partnerships with leading establishments in the industry. Krypton Capital is a major investment enterprise, focused on upcoming, blockchain-related businesses, providing expertise and financial support. CoinsTV also partners with CryptoVest – an innovative online media, dedicated to covering all news and market trends in the cryptocurrency space.